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Discover hiking & backpacking gear for your next adventure

Posted by Jasmine Yu on
Discover hiking & backpacking gear for your next adventure

After 8 hours of hiking and climbing, I finally learned the importance of equipment. The first time I went hiking with my friends, I didn't have much experience. I just took some bread and water and set off in a casual outfit. After a lot of hardship, I managed to persevere. Through this trip, I realized the necessity of equipment.

Hiking equipment: sun hat, jacket, stab-resistant gloves, camouflage army pants, knee pads, platform shoes, trekking poles.

Food: water, bread, sugar, fruit, chocolate.

Emergency equipment: Band-aid, gauze, alcohol, whistle.

Overall, my foot was injured the most. It is really important to have a good pair of hiking shoes! Of course, it is extremely important to bring a suitable backpack. All your things can be stuffed into it, which is convenient and easy.

Tired and happy!

Life is really about traveling or reading, mind and body, there is always one on the road...

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