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Everyone needs to take a break sometimes

Posted by Jasmine Yu on
Everyone needs to take a break sometimes

No one does not long for a good mood, but a good mood does not come naturally like the alternation of the four seasons in nature. Good mood is also deliberately created by myself. To have a good mood, we must first learn to relax. Once a person relaxes, a good mood will come unexpectedly when there is no pressure.

Lawrence lives in a small town in California and is the owner of a store. He explained how he got a good mood:

"I often worry, and there is not a day that I don’t live under heavy pressure. My wife complained to me, saying that my face was tight every day, like a lifeless drum; the child even said that I was like a zombie and I didn’t want to go to school. Kiss me... But one day, when I tensed my nerves again and thought about how to make the business of the store better, I saw a shot on the street, and my worries disappeared and my whole body immediately relaxed. , My mood suddenly brightened. Although this incident was only about 10 seconds before and after, it taught me how to live happily-more than the gains of learning in the past 10 years. When I was walking, I suddenly saw A man with two disabled legs came towards me. He was sitting on a small wooden platform equipped with pulleys, holding small wooden sticks in both hands, and rolling forward against the ground."

"This behavior aroused my interest. When I looked at him carefully, he had crossed the street and raised his body two or three inches in order to walk on the sidewalk. At the moment when the wooden table was inclined, we His eyes were turned, he smiled and greeted me in a pleasant tone: Good morning! It's fine today!

"Of course, I realized that I was lucky. I have two feet and I can walk. Is there any reason for me to feel sorry for myself? A disabled person will not lose happiness, cheerfulness and confidence. I It is a person of sound limbs, why can't it be done like this? When I think of this place, my mood immediately relaxes. After returning to the store, I greeted each customer with a happy mood; when I returned home, when my wife saw me humming a little song while hanging the coat in the closet, he took the initiative to hug me; oh, and me My baby girl, Jenny, also gave me a sweet kiss. Now, I feel the benefits of a relaxed mood."

Next time when you are upset, you might as well learn to relax yourself. After the tension is released, your mind and body will be completely rested.

Remember: learn to relax, life will be easy!

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