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Work Boots

-Work shoes are used in places where oil or oil splashes on the floor;
-Waterproof work shoes are used in workplaces where ground surface water or splashing water;
-Cold-proof work shoes are used to protect the feet of low-temperature workers from frostbite.

1. The puncture-proof labor insurance shoes are used to protect the soles of the feet to prevent being punctured by various sharp and hard objects.
2. The main function of anti-smashing safety shoes is to prevent falling objects from hurting the feet. The front toe cap of the work shoes has impact-resistant material.
3. The main function of steel-making work shoes is to prevent burns and punctures, and should be able to withstand a certain static pressure and temperature, and be non-flammable. This kind of work shoes is suitable for smelting, furnace front, cast iron, etc.